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It's A Prime Time Situation

By Keisha J Kelley

September 21, 2020

"Moving forward only address me as COACH PRIME, says Hall of Famer Deion Sanders during his post press conference. Sanders was officially introduced this morning as Jackson State University's Head football coach. Before Sanders was introduced, the Sonic Boom of the South and the J-settes wooed alumni and fans that came out to see this historic affair. Entering the building escorted by motorcycle officers, this introduction definitely was a fan fair to remember. Fans cheered anxiously as the SUV pulled in behind the band with Sanders in tow. As he exited the vehicle, flashes from every angle captured this moment. "I want to thank our fans, our supporters, and our athletic organizations for their continuous support of our athletic department," Athletic Director Ashley Robinson proclaims before Sanders took the podium. As Robinson takes his seat, a tearful Sanders steps to the mic. He opened with "these are tears that you don't understand...these are tears that has accompanied me through this journey." As he spoke, he gave one of the most heartfelt speeches one could imagine. Coach Prime led with the phrase I Believe. Sanders spoke with such assurance in what he believed he could do with the Jackson State athletic program. Now that the ink is dry, it's time for Sanders to go to work building and branding the tigers in the storied and traditional powerhouse they use to be. With the hire of NFL Hall of Famer, many are hoping that his hire will also cause others to start considering HBCU's. Only time will tell what will happen next. Either way this is a great day to be a Tiger; well at least for Jackson State!!

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