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5 Star Guard Mikey Williams Drops His Top 10 Schools Including 5 HBCUs

Author Keisha J Kelley

July 22, 2020

"I appeciate every college that has recruited me up until this point but here’s my top 10. Let’s Rock! The tweet that has started another buzz, coming from San Diego native and 5 star guard, Mikey Williams. Every since Mikey Williams hinted at considering an HBCU, eyebrows have raised and media hubs have waited anxiously to see if he was just bluffing. Almost a month ago, Makur Maker another 5 star recruit announced that he had chosen Howard University over UCLA, Kentucky, and Memphis. Maker became the highest ranked prospect to commit to an HBCU since 2007. "I need to make the HBCU movement so that others will follow. I hope I inspire guys like Mikey Willams to join me on this journey." says Makur. Williams has now let it be known that his top 10 includes at least 5 Historical Black Colleges and Universities. Alabama State, Hampton University, North Carolina Central University, Tennessee State, and Texas Southern were his final 5 HBCU choices. Williams is also considering big name programs like Kansas, and USC as well as Memphis. Although he has only finished his freshmen year, he is considered one of the top prospects in the 2023 class and is rated as a 5 star by ESPN. Scholarship offers have poured in from all over the country. Standing at 6'2, he scored 77 points in a single game this season. Not only is Williams popular on the court, he also seems to be pretty popular when it comes to Twitter and Instagram where he has gained close to 50,000 followers between the two. What seemed like a bluff when Williams tweeted " going to an HBCU wouldn't be too bad," now sounds like it could happen. Williams also didnt hesitate to elaborate on his tweet by saying "Why does it always have to be the big names? Have you ever thought about helping your own people out?? WE ARE THE REASON THAT THESE SCHOOLS HAVE SUCH BIG NAMES AND SUCH GOOD HISTORY," he wrote. Through his social media following and influence he feels that he would have change sports forever. "If there is anybody getting paid from me being at their school, I would want it to be my own people.... I support the black community to the fullest." Williams adds. For those who doubted that Mikey would even consider an HBCU, you can wipe that misconception out of your mind!

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